Thursday, March 8, 2012

Portrait of Keith Haring as a Young Man: Brooklyn Museum Focuses on Early Years

The Brooklyn Museum is exhibiting the early work of Keith Haring: 1978-1982. The show is on from March 8-July 8, 2012. Haring is one America’s is leading twentieth century artists and this is the first large-scale exhibition that explores his diverse career. His sketchbooks, works on paper, photographs, and experimental videos can be seen in the exhibit.

This exhibition chronicles his career from his first four years in Manhattan before he became a world famous figure through his political art and the years when he began to do street art. At age 19, Haring moved to New York City where he was very influenced by street art and graffiti art. His chalk drawings in the subways of New York soon made him a fixture on the NY’s art and club scene where he befriended artists such as Andy WarholJean-Michel Basquiat, and Kenny Scharf and musicians such as Madonna and Duran Duran.

His logo became "The Radiant baby" and he went on to create highly recognizable images that are identified by their bright colors and bold black outlines. His images became so iconic that they were seen on t-shirts, toys, posters and other objects, and went on to create images for Absolut vodka and Swatch watches.

He had his first exhibition at the Tony Shafrazi Gallery and also showed in Germany at Documenta 7. He eventually took part in the Whitney Biennial in 1983 and has pieces hanging in major museums worldwide.

Haring died February 16, 1990 of AIDS-related complications. 

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