Monday, May 14, 2012

First Exhibition of Laurie Anderson's Paintings in New York

Laurie Anderson: Boat May 12, 2012, at 126 Leroy St in New York

Many of us remember Laurie Anderson the experimental musician Anderson from the early 80s when she released “O Superman,” in 1981. Anderson created electronic music with the tape-bow violin she created in 1977. The violin uses recorded magnetic tape in place of the traditional horsehair in the bow, and a magnetic tape head in the bridge. Since the 80s she went on to do more music and multi-media performances.

Along with music Anderson has done painting and has never had a show until now. The first exhibition of her paintings presented by Vito Schnabel is now on view. Entitled laurie Anderson: BOAT. With her paintings she brings theater onto the canvas. 

"Painting is like improvising in music. Making these big gestures feels like playing the violin. So many of my projects lately have become screen based or extremely theoretical. I wanted the physicality and scale of painting. Making paintings is the closest I’ve come to making songs. Even though they take up a lot of room I love them as unwieldy things. Much of my work comes from the theater world where sets are enormous. In fact, these paintings seem a bit on the small side." A quote by Anderson from

The show also includes a video installation, “From the Air”, in which Anderson has created a three dimensional holographic reality. A series of drawings titled “Lolabelle in the Bardo” depicts the forty-nine day transition described in “The Tibetan Book of the Dead” as the period between death and rebirth. 

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