Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Jennifer Angus and Her Insects

 Jennifer Angus  creates stunning art with nontraditional objects  Her objects of choice are some of the 30,000 insects she has collected that create a mix of entomology and intricate patterns. it's her love  pattern and textile led her to Thailand’s Golden Triangle—a region bordered by China, Laos and Myanmar, an area that contains some of he world's largest and most magnificently colored insects. It was here she  found the shawls of the Karen tribe lined with greenish iridescent jewel beetles. It was years later she put her passion for for textiles and the beauty of insects together.

Angus now has over 30,000 bugs in her inventory, which cost anywhere from 50 cents to $25 and gets used over and over again in different exhibitions. Her insects range in size from as long your hand to a small as the tip of a finger. She works with hardier bugs like grasshoppers with pinkish-purple wings, electric blue weevils, polka-dot weevils, leaf mimics, and thorny stick insects that can withstand the wear and tear of repeated pinning. Some of the weevils in her show have been in use since she first began. 

Angus pins her insects to the wall to create patterns in that look like Victorian wallpaper. Naturally electric blue, emerald green, pink, purple and red insects come together and bring excitement, exploration and scientific discovery. She also creates small-scale dollhouses covered in beeswax are home to anthropomorphized insects.

Read more about Jennifer Angus below and watch her video.

Meet Jennifer Angus, An Artist Whose Medium Is Insects

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