Saturday, May 5, 2012

Laurie Lipton's Pencil Drawings

I first saw Laurie Lipton's drawings on myspace and then on her facebook  site. Her subject matterwas interesting and her way of drawing resulted in elaborate highly detailed pencil drawings. Her drawings are surreal and for some disturbing, as she many times is looking at death or subjects that we prefer not to think about like "fear, sexuality, murder, mayhem and indifference." An example of how she looks at things can be seen here in her drawing, The Knitters of Bones, and you can read an interview with her there as well

She began drawing at the age of four and was the first person to receive a Fine Arts Degree in Drawing at Carnegie-Mellon University. The Flemish school of the 16th century Dutch masters was her inspiration and she tried to paint like them but realized her talent really was in drawing. she developed her own drawing technique that she as used to create her black and white compositions.

Lipton ignored her teachers as they told her figurative drawing was not done anymore and she should express herself in different ways using shapes and forms. She know she did not want to paint abstractly or do installation art. she wanted to create something new that hadn't been seen before and she was very successful as her drawings take on a luminosity not seen before in drawings.

Read and see more at Laurie Lipton: Carnival of Death at the Last Rites Gallery.

Her book is called, The Extraordinary Drawings of Laurie Lipton  which we are ordering in the Arts Division.

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