Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Macabre Shadow Box World of Dusty Genard

I'm not sure how I discovered the work created by artist Dusty Genard. There isn't much about him other than his images on his website and on flickr. I do know he makes creepy and mysterious shadow boxes. There is something haunting about his work and maybe a bit of the Brothers Quay.

From the bio on his website he says he created haunted houses as a child and then attended film school. He also studied painting and sculpture which led to his creation of miniature worlds. Using paint and found materials his boxes take on a decayed look and often have small doll like figures displayed creating a macabre environment.

Artists often don't like an analysis of their work because often that interpretation is wrong so I won't make anymore interpretations of his work other than what I wrote above. I wish he would do a book of his work.

Go to his website Dusty Danger to see his work and at Flickr.

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