Thursday, September 13, 2012

The White Stripes: Under Great Northern White Lights

This book of black and white and color photos of the band came out in 2009. The White Stripes: Under Great Northern White Lights are photographs of The White Stripes, Jack White and Meg White taken by Autumn de Wilde. These are photos taken in 2007 before their epic tour of Canada. "From the ocean to the permafrost' says Jack White. 'We wanted to play out of the way towns that don't usually get shows... the shows are better, it's better for the people, it's a better experience, it's way more unique, something interesting is going to happen...

The book chronicles the weeks leading up to their tenth-anniversary show in Nova Scotia. Photographs were taken as the band traveled from B.C. to Nunavut. Some of these towns were so small that many of the locals had no idea who The White Stripes were. deWilde photographed Meg and Jack White and their band and captured the beauty of this large country with its diverse landscape.

Along with the filmaker Emmett Malloy had directed videos for them previously and he was called upon again to document this tour from ocean to tundra. What is captured is an insightful look at the band and their connection to their fans and their lives on and off stage.


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