Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Cardboard in Detail

Chris Gilmour is an English artist who makes familiar objects like cars, bikes, and guitars out of cardboard and glue, He uses both plain packaging cardboard and recycled packaging material. His work recreates in extraordinary detail these everyday objects that many of us use. His works look so real many assume that the object is painted or covered in paper. 
Gilmour makes these pieces without any support, it is all cardboard. His use of cardboard comes from his passion to promote recycling and it is a material he has easy access to and it is a material many of us can  understand. Imagine the expense creating these objects in bronze or marble. 

The objects he chooses to create are picked due to the memories and emotions that we connect to our experience using them and the chooses objects that we interact with. The objects create an immediacy to the viewer because of their familiarity with them. The use of re-cycled material to create his work brings about a proximity to these things and their familiarity, for example the cardboard typewriter engages the viewer who used a typewriter in their job years ago. 
Gilmour's art was influenced by the works of other sculptors who seem to share his interest in materials and give the impression that their ideas come from playing about with things. For example, artists Gilmour admires for their approach to materials are Anish Kapoor, Andy Goldsworthy, Tom Friedman, and Bill Woodrow.

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