Monday, April 2, 2012

Jenny Holzer Endgame: Paintings

Image from the Skarsdedt Gallery

This exhibit at the Skarsdedt Gallery through April 7 shows the first paintings by Jenny Holzer has created since the mid-1970s. You’ll see in these works, Modernist abstractions in white, black, and red. We are reminded of Holzer’s silkcreens of censored military and intelligence documents that relate to the Iraq and Afghanistan and the treatment of detainees at Guantánamo Bay.
We are used to seeing works by Jenny Holzer known for her text based political messages in light based sculptures, projections and benches inscribed with her messages. This show is a departure as she creates oil on linen paintings with nods to the Suprematist work of Russian Abstractionist Kazimir Malevich and others allude to Minimalists like Ad Reinhardt and Robert Ryman, and still others invoke ColorField painting. The works themselves are easy to look at, it's the text that accompanies some of them that is disturbing. Each work has “Top Secret” as its header and some canvases have waterboarding guidelines and information on how to sedate detainees.
Holzer has created works that are striking and clean looking. While the works are not difficult to look at, some may find the descriptions of torture hard to read. 

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Jenny Holzer: ‘Endgame’


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