Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Howard Grill's Photos of the Carrie Furnace in Pennsylvania

Industrial photography is not for everyone. Photos of old decaying structures for many are not eye pleasing. Industrial photographers, Hilla and Bernd Becher best known for their black and white typology photographs, photographed the beauty of the blast furnace for one of their typology series and now Howard Grill has done the same for the Carrie Furnace.

What is the Carrie Furnace? It is an old blast furnace located outside Pittsburgh, PA. It dates back to a time when Pittsburgh was the center of the most of the world's iron and steel production. Photographer, Howard Grill, has taken some magnificent black and white photographs of this now abandoned beauty.

Howard Grill is a photographer whose work can be seen at The Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, The Silver Eye Center for Photography, The Center of Fine Art Photography and other galleries throughout the country. I came across his work while researching a post about the Bechers. His photos like the Bechers capture the beauty of these forgotten structures. These furnaces played an important role in the history of our country and his work highlights the need for the preservation of these important structures.

You can see photos of the Carrie Furnace at Howard's site and read more about his work. I hope he puts a book together about this important project that he has wonderfully documented.

You can buy the ebook of this project here.

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