Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Met Hosts a 3D Hackathon to Scan, Replicate, and Remix Collection Objects

A 3D printed object

How does New York’s largest, most traditional art museum suddenly become its most progressive? The Metropolitan Museum is embracing the latest innovations in technology and allowing its collection objects to be scanned and replicated in a 3D-printing hackathon led by tech-savvy artists. Wait… just what is a hackathon again?
The museum will invite 25 different digital artists and programmers to “experiment with the latest 3-D scanning and replicating technologies,” according to their blog. The term “hackathon” is a portmanteau for a hacking marathon — basically, a lot of programmers get together in a big space somewhere and lock themselves in for a while, seeing what they can possibly come up with in a limited span of time.
Just who is participating in the two-day hackathon is a closely-guarded secret, but we are advised to keep an eye on the Met blog and the hashtag #Met3D for further updates. [Metropolitan]

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